New Exhibitor Enters Polish Market

Written by Katarzyna Grynienko

WARSAW: Cinema 3D has entered the Polish market with the opening of a new cinema in Lower Silesia.

The first Cinema3D cinema opened on 14 January 2010 in Twierdza Shopping Mall in Kłodzko. The conema has 2 large salles with 180 seats and 360 chairs apiece. During the opening weekend the cinema sold over 4,000 of tickets, very good results for the region. The buisness plan of Cinema3D is focused on establishing cinemas in the cities with under 100,000 habitants. The company next plans to oen cinemas in Leszno and Kalisz. In all 16 halls with 3,800 seats are planned to be opened by the end of 2011.

Cinema3D equips its cinemas with digital projectors Barco, Doremi DCP servers and analogue projectors KINOTON. All the rooms in the new cinema are equipped to screen 3 D productions. The line-up for the first week in the Kłodzko cinema reflects the aim of Cinema3D to bring big, entertainment productions to medium cities of Poland. It includes American box office hits such as TRON: Legacy, Megamind, Little Fokers as well as a recent local favorite Weekend directed by Cezary Pazura.