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FNE at Berlinale 2018: Baltic Film Centres and Locarno IFF Strike Deal to Boost Local Producers Featured

Baltic Film Centres and Locarno IFF Strike Deal on Participation in “Match-Me!” Baltic Film Centres and Locarno IFF Strike Deal on Participation in “Match-Me!”

BERLIN: The film centres of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have signed an agreement with Locarno International Film Festival that will see six Baltic producers participate in the festival’s international Match Me! programme.

Match Me! is an event for promising producers and it offers them an opportunity to present their companies and coproduction projects, both current and in the pipeline, to an international community of film professionals. It takes place during the Locarno Film Festival, which is held 1-11 August 2018 this year.

The Lithuanian Film Centre, the Latvian National Film Centre and the Estonian Film Institute all agreed on the importance of the project.

 “The aim of the project is to stimulate the collaboration among European producers, film cultures and industries,” says Dita Rietuma, the director of the Latvian National Film Centre.

“The Baltic film industries, that have undergone tremendous growth in recent years, need additional impulses to help them establish themselves internationally. Our successful cooperation with Locarno Film Festival, which we launched last year, and general interest in our region have opened the way for one more initiative, so once we received an offer to expand our cooperation, my Baltic colleagues and I immediately put it on our joint agenda,” says Rolandas Kvietkauskas, the director of the Lithuanian Film Centre.

“We believe that producers who have long-reaching development visions for their companies and are on the lookout for coproduction projects will make good use of this unique opportunity. At the same time, this project is a message that adverts to the national cinemas of the Baltic region,” says Edith Sepp, the head of Estonian Film Institute.

For the full press release click HERE.

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