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Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia with Best Production Growth in 2007-2016 Featured


STRASBOURG: Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia are the EU countries with the best production growth from 2007 to 2016, according to the report Film production in Europe. Production volume, co-production and worldwide circulation, issued by the European Audiovisual Observatory.

Romania had the best production growth, approximately 260%, comparing the first two and last two years of the series analysed (countries with more than an average of five films a year), followed by Bulgaria with approximately 210%, Latvia with approximately 190% and Bosnia and Herzegovina with approximately 180%.

As for documentaries, 14 EU countries displayed growth well above the EU average. Poland has the biggest growth (up 700%), while the Czech Republic had 286%. Poland is also in the top producing countries with 2.6%.

Estonia was the European country with the best share of documentary production (almost 70%), while Latvia comes third with approximately 68%.

Slovakia and Macedonia are ranked fifth and sixth in the top of the European countries by share of majority coproductions out of the total number of national productions.

More than 18,000 films were produced in Europe between 2007 and 2016, with overall production in Europe growing by 47%. Majority coproductions accounted for 20.4%. Documentaries almost doubled to 698 films in 2016, while production of feature fiction rose by 33%.

Majority coproduction share of the total production volume in Europe remained relatively constant over the 10-year period, between a low 19.2% in 2008 and a 22.1% high in 2015 (20% in 2016).

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