FNE at Cannes 2018: Montenegrin Cinema in Cannes

Written by Film Centre of Montenegro

Film Centre of Montenegro is presenting the current Montenegrin cinema at this year’s film market within the Cannes Film Festival, at Pavilion of Southeast Europe together with Bosina and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia. Montenegro has been present on the Cannes film market since 2011.

During the festival, Montenegrin film projects in various stages of production (recently completed, in post-production, in production, in development) will be presented to visitors at the stand, as well as to film professionals and representatmontenegrin cinema in cannes 2018ives of institutions from around the world through arranged meetings, while foreign co-producers, production companies and other interested parties will be introduced to resources and potentials of Montenegrin cinematography. For promotion purposes, the Film Centre has prepared two catalogs.

“Montenegrin Cinema 2018” presents current film projects, in all stages of production, and call for the submission of data was open to all interested production companies from Montenegro. In this year’s catalog, for the first time, selection of short films from the faculties in Montenegro is presented. The author of title illustration of the catalog is Jelena Tošković.

The other brochure, entitled “Film in Montenegro”, represents a brief overview of service information and a selection of photographs of Montenegrin locations that provide a general overview of the environment for shooting in our country. The catalog is aimed at foreign producers. It also includes information on the system of production incentives in Montenegro, as well as other information that may be of use to foreign producers. This brochure announces the publication “Montenegro – a film destination” and serves as an introduction to the more intensive promotion of Montenegrin locations in the coming period, in cooperation with the National Tourism Organization. The catalog is designed by Nikola Latković.

During the festival, a large number of meetings will be organized. Meetings with representatives of the most important European film funds and organizations are of particular importance. The General Assembly of the European Film Promotion will be held as well as meetings of regional representatives of the MEDIA Creative Europe sub-program.

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