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GRANTS: Serbia and Slovakia Celebrate Media Development Grants Featured


BRUSSELS: FNE territory producers received 17 MEDIA development grants in the spring 2018 round covering animation, documentary and feature films. A total of 59 grants were distributed.

Serbia and Slovakia were among the biggest winners, with three grants apiece. Two grants each went to projects from the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania. Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia and Slovenia received one grant each.

The projects and production companies receiving grant are:


Harvie and the Magic Museum (Czech Republic)
Produced by Rolling Pictures


The Five Year Plan (Slovakia)
Punkchart Films

Skiing in Scarves (Slovenia)
Produced by Studio Virc

Alice (Romania)
Produced by Luna Film

Et j’aime a la fureur (Slovakia)
Produced by Artichoke

In Praise of Love (Serbia)
Produced by Monkey Production

The White Chief (Poland)
Produced by Kijora

Skype Story (Estonia)
Produced by Film Tower


Darkling (Serbia)
Produced by Film Delux International

Frost (Serbia)
Produced by Plan 9

The Last Suicide Artifact (Croatia)
Produced by Kinorama

Patagonia (Poland)
Produced by Chilli Productions

Halves (Czech Republic)
Produced by i/o post

To the North (Romania)
Produced by SC DE Film Production

Victim (Slovakia)
Produced by Nutprodukcia

The Man with the Answers (Cyprus)
Produced by Felony Productions

Afrika (Bulgaria)
Produced by Viktoria Films

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