European Authors Urge the EP to Adopt Copyright Directive

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BRUSSELS: A total of 105 European associations of writers, journalists, screenwriters, filmmakers, composers and songwriters urge the European Parliament to support the successful adoption of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

In a statement issued on 5 September 2018 they say that the Directive “represents a once in a decade opportunity to improve the situation of authors, thereby strengthening the European creative community. (…) It is now time for the EU to send a strong signal to future generations who want to create and be fairly remunerated for their creations.”

Associations from CEE countries that signed the statement are: the Association of Directors and Producers of Montenegro, the Bulgarian Association of Film, Theater and Radio Scriptwriters, the Directors Guild of Cyprus, the Directors Guild of Slovenia,  the Estonian Union of Journalists, FAIR- MediaSind Romania, the Croatian Composers' Society, Hungarian Composers' Union, the Latvian Filmmakers Union, the Lithuanian Filmmakers Union, the Polish Composers' Union and the Polish Filmmakers Association.

Click HERE for the full statement.