Sequel Planned for Surprise Romanian Indie Success

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Iulia Rugina Iulia Rugina

BUCHAREST: The opening record for an independent domestic film (10,200 admissions) set by Iulia Rugină’s debut feature Love Building has convinced producers Dragoş Bucur, Dorian Boguţă and Alexandru Papadopol to start developing a sequel.

They will again produce it through their acting school Actoriedefilm.ro. Love Building was initially a graduation short film that grew into a feature. It became a box office success after it was picked up by MediaPro Distribution, a leading distribution company in Romania.

Bucur told FNE that the budget now stands at 50,000 EUR in cash. “We expect to reach 70,000 EUR plus services when we start shooting,” he said. Papaya Advertising and Zbang Film are confirmed as coproducers.

Iulia Rugină, Oana Răsuceanu and Ana Agopian will deliver the first draft of the script in December 2013. The cast will consist of some of the actors from Love Building: new students from Actoriedefilm.ro, along with Bucur, Papadopol and Boguţă, as well as one or two guest stars.

Shooting is due to start on 15 February 2014 and last for approximately 15 days. The film is set to be finished in autumn 2014 with the premiere in autumn 2014 or spring 2015. MediaPro Distribution is already attached.

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Director: Iulia Rugină

Script: Oana Răsuceanu

 Ana Agopian

 Iulia Rugină