PRODUCTION: Immaculate at First Cut+ Works in Progress

Immaculate by Monica Stan and George Chiper Lillemark Immaculate by Monica Stan and George Chiper Lillemark photo: KVIFF

BUCHAREST: The Romanian film Immaculate by debuting director Monica Stan and George Chiper Lillemark was presented at the online First Cut+ Works in Progress section of Karlovy Vary IFF's Eastern Promises. The film is a debut and based on the personal story of Stan’s own life.

Immaculate is the story of Daria, 18 and in love, whose boyfriend introduced her to heroine. Her boyfriend is sent to prison, and she checks into a rehab clinic to get clean. Daria vows to remain faithful to the boyfriend, but the men at the rehab clinic begin to clash over her, some wanting to look out for her, others wanting her for themselves.

Stan described the film as having a minimalist style of filming, relying heavily on close-ups.

The film is produced by Marcian Lazar of Alex Film. The filmmakers are currently seeking partners to help with post-production funding. The film runs 110 minutes. An October 2021 completion date is scheduled.

Production Information:

Axel Film
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Directors: Monica Stan, George Chiper Lillemark
Scriptwriter: Monica Stan
Producer: Marcian Lazar
DoP: George Chiper-Lillemark