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Front Page Midgets Tops Serbian Box Office Featured

Front Page Midgets by Milorad Milinković Front Page Midgets by Milorad Milinković

BELGRADE: Front Page Midgets / Patuljci sa naslovnih strana by Milorad Milinković topped the Serbian box office during its first weekend. The film released by Taramount Film on 18 January 2018 surpassed Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle with 7,146 admissions.

Front Page Midgets, the first Serbian film to be released in 2018, was supported by Film Center Serbia in a category focusing on potentially commmercial and genre-wise films.

Front Page Midgets by Milorad MilinkovićThe film follows a middle-aged reality TV star caught up in a crime story. Gordan Kičić plays the lead and the cast includes: Jelena Đukić, Boris Milivojević, Milena Radulović, Marko Gvero and Aleksandar Radojičić.

The film is a Serbian/Croatian coproduction between Bombona Film Production, Livada Produkcija and Taramount Film. Cineplexx, the biggest multiplex cinema chain in Serbia, is also a coproducer.

Milorad Milinković is an experienced film and television director, who previously scored two major box office hits in Serbia - Frozen Stiff / Mrtav ’ladan (2003, produced by Viktorija Film) and Obituary for Escobar / Čitulja za Eskobara (2003, produced by PFI Studios).

Front Page Midgets' score in the opening weekend doesn’t make it a hit. In 2017 Zona Zamfirova – Part Two / Zona Zamfirova – drugi deo, directed by Jug Radivojević and produced by Zonegrad Production together with RTV Pink, had 29,961 admissions in the opening weekend, while Diamond of the Boyana / Biser Bojane, directed by Milan Karadžić and produced by Vision Team, had 13,406 admissions.