Seeking funding for your film or TV project? Interested in pitching to equity investors? Want to learn how to close your project's budget gap?

    Closing The Gap is a MEDIA-supported training course for film and TV producers run by film financing consultancy peacefulfish in association with the pan-European investor network Media Deals, the Apulia Film Commission, and the Mallorca Film Commission.

    The course trains producers on how to identify, approach, and pitch to private equity investors, teaching business skills that producers can use to find new sources of financing in the current financial climate. Investors participating in the training both as experts and on the pitch panel include:

    > venture capital funds

    > business angel networks

    > public/private funds

    > mediatech financiers

    Through the course, producers learn innovative financing and transmedia marketing and distribution strategies, prepare a business plan and pitch presentation targeted to an equity investor audience, have a range of networking opportunities, receive extensive one-to-one feedback and pitch coaching and-at the course's conclusion-pitch their projects to a panel of investors, who will vote on and award a cash prize to the best pitch.

    Producers should apply with a specific project (live action, animation, documentary). Financial assistance is available. Application deadline is: 15 March 2012

    For additional information and application forms, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Or visit: http://www.closing-the-gap.net/


    peacefulfish offers strategic consulting services to public institutions, policy makers, content producers, digital distributors, financiers, and other individuals and companies active in
    the creative industries. http://www.peacefulfish.com/

    MEDIA Programme is the European Union support programme for the audiovisual industry.


    Apulia Film Commission is the film commission of the Apulia region based in Bari, Italy.


    Mallorca Film Commission is the film commission for Mallorca based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

    Media Deals is a pan-European investor network based in Paris and Berlin. http://www.media-deals.org/