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It´s that time of the year… EAVE Marketing Workshop reloaded: APPLY NOW!

Press releases 2018-08-14

Deadline for applications: September 14

EAVE Marketing Workshop - November 14-18, 2018 (Luxembourg)

Don´t miss the opportunity to take part in one of the most insightful industry events of the year. Think ahead and put your audience at the forefront.

From targeting and positioning to international sales strategies, passing through the elusive art of good PR, the EAVE's Marketing Workshop is a hands-on four-day marketing training. A unique opportunity to answer all your marketing questions and learn about the latest trends and tools from leading industry professionals.  

“Definitely the most hands-on-workshop I’ve ever attended."

 Dani Purer, Gebhardt Productions, Austria

Participants can apply with or without a project at any stage of production to work with cutting-edge marketing specialists, such as Alya Belgaroui-Degalet (Wild Bunch – international sales) and Sarah Calderon (The Film Agency – marketing consultant) as Heads of Studies and contributors like Michael Arnon (Wolf Consultants – PR), Boris Pugnet (former Head of Marketing at Le Pacte / Editor at Turn Right) and Sally Hodgson (PIPOCA, UK).

“Each expert offered something unique that could be applied immediately and the network of participants was great.” 

Daniel Diaz, Toybox Films, UK

The workshop is targeted at producers as well as professionals working in sales, distribution and marketing departments.  We also welcome applications from related areas of the industry (e.g. regional and national funding institutions, film festivals and markets etc.) and from relevant trainers and consultants.

Get ahead with your marketing knowledge and network and share experience with professionals from all over the world.


The EAVE Marketing Workshop will be joined by 4 graduates of the renowned EAVE Producers Workshop, who have trained over one year as specialized marketing professionals.


 EAVE is also proud to announce new partnerships this year. We will select projects from Warsaw Kids Forum, Financing Forum for Kids Content Malmö, Thessaloniki Crossroads, CEE Animation Workshop and LA INCUBADORA. Europa International, Europa Distribution and EAVE graduates will benefit for special discounts.

Application deadline: September 14, 2018.

Application requirements and the application form can be downloaded on our website!

For further information, please visit www.eave.org or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.