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Winnetou Wraps in Croatia Featured


ZAGREB: Filming of the Winnetou trilogy has wrapped in Croatia, after a 67-day schedule using some 20 locations. The production made use of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre’s incentives programme.

The trilogy based on the popular Karl May books about an Apache Indian chief is directed by Philipp Stölzl, Production in Croatia was handled by Aleksandar Črček of Alex Productions, with 220 film professionals working on set over the span of four months.

The project now moves to Germany to complete filming.

The head screenwriter is Jan Berger and the producer is Christian Becker. The film stars Wotan Wilke Möhring as Old Shatterhand, Nik Xhelilaj as Winnetou, Iazua Larios as Nscho Tschi, Milan Peschel as Sam Hawkens, Jürgen Vogel as Joseph Rattler and Serbian actor Gojko Mitić, from the cast of the original Winnetou film series in the 1960’s, as Magua/Tangua. Croatian actors in the film include Csilla Barath Bastaić, Katarina Strahinić, Ivan Ožegović, Bojan Navojec and Marko Cindrić.

Croatian members of the filming crew and sector heads include production designer Damir Gabelica, costume designer Nevena Čaklović, production manager Dragan Josipović-Joss, first assistant director Vid Spindler, action scene coordinators Aldo Tončić, horse master Ivo Krištov, prop master Igor Stiković and special effects supervisor Branko Repalust.

The trilogy will be ready for distribution around Christmas 2016.

The incentives programme for film/TV production has enabled the filming of ten projects in Croatia in 2015. Productions have spent an estimated 170 million HRK on Croatian products and services, double the amount from the previous year and more than the total income of the previous three years together since the programme was first initiated


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