FNE at Cannes 2018: Croatian Cinema in Cannes


    Dear friends, it is our pleasure to invite you to market screenings of new Croatian films - crime drama Mali, first film Lada Kamenski and documentary Days of Madness.

    The screenings will take place on Tuesday, May 15th, at Palais E.

    In addition, you are also very welcome to the market screening of All Alone by Bobo Jelcic (International sales: Media Luna) on Saturday, May 12th, Lerins 2, at 11.30.

    If you are interested in the latest Croatian film productions, feel free to meet us at SEE Pavilion, no. 135, Village International Riviera.
    Looking forward seeing you in Cannes!

    Lada Kamenski

    DIRECTED BY Sara Hribar, Marko Santic
    Lada Kamenski by Sara Hribar Marko SanticPRODUCED BY Jure Pavlovic (Sekvenca)
    HR | 2018 | 74'
    First film - in post-production

    Lada Kamenski is a middle-aged seamstress in the renowned Eastern European tailoring factory Kamensko. She is unaware that the company is on the brink of bankruptcy. This is the story a young film director is determined to tell in order to make his career. Unable to make the final casting choice, he decides to invite three actresses to an atypical acting rehearsal after which only one would get the leading role.

    TUE | May 15th | 12:00 | Palais E

    Days of Madness | Dani ludila

    DIRECTED BY Damian Nenadic
    Days of Madness by Damian NenadicPRODUCED BY Oliver Sertic (Restart), co-produced by Petra Seliskar (Petra Pan Productions)
    HR, SI | 2018 | 74’

    Days of Madness portrays an incredible odyssey of two mentally diverse and unjustly rejected people who are learning to accept their difference, faced with the blindness of the society that branded them as hopeless, and the health system that made them addicts.

    TUE | May 15th | 14:00 | Palais E


    Mali by Antonio NuicDIRECTED BY Antonio Nuic
    PRODUCED BY Boris T. Matic, Lana Matic (Propeler Film), co-produced by Jozo Patljak (Alka Film)
    HR | 2018 | 90’
    Crime drama

    Four years in prison hasn’t changed Franky. He is a drug dealer, his wife is on her deathbed, and her parents want custody over his kid, Mali. Mali wants to live with Franky; he loves his father and his unusual educational methods. Franky doesn’t feel he has to justify the way he lives and brings up his kid. For his fortieth birthday, he is presented with two gifts that offer solutions to all his problems.

    TUE | May 15th | 16:00 | Palais E


    The Load | Teret

    DIRECTED BY Ognjen Glavonic
    The Load by Ognjen Glavonic, (c) Tatjana Krstevski, NON ALIGNED FILMSPRODUCED BY Non-Aligned Films (RS)
    CO-PRODUCED BY Cinéma Defacto (FR), Kinorama (HR), Three Gardens Film (IR)
    RS, FR, HR, IR | 2018 | 98’ 
    International sales: New Europe Film Sales

    Vlada works as a truck driver during the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. Tasked with transporting a mysterious load from Kosovo to Belgrade, he drives through unfamiliar territory, trying to make his way in a country scarred by the war. He knows that once the job is over, he will need to return home and face the consequences of his actions.


    SAT | May 12th | 08:45, 12:00 | Théâtre Croisette
    SUN | May 13th | 11:30 | Théâtre de La Licorne
    SUN | May 13th | 1830 | Olympia 8 (MARKET SCREENING)
    SUN | May 13th | 20:30 | Cinéma Olympia
    MON | May 14th | 20:00 | Olympia 3 (MARKET SCREENING)


    Chris The Swiss

    DIRECTED BY Anja Kofmel 
    PRODUCED BY Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion (CH)
    CO-PRODUCED BY Nukleus Film (HR), ma.ja.de. (DE)
    CH, HR, DE | 2018 | 90'
    International sales: Urban Distribution International

    An animated documentary about a young Swiss journalist killed during the war in former Yugoslavia. Animated sequences intertwine with documentary scenes as the director sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the journalist’s death. 

    SUN | May 13th | 11:30, 17:15, 22.30 | Espace Miramar
    MON | May 14th | 8:30 | Espace Miramar
    MON | May 14th | 16:30 | Théâtre La Licorne 
    TUE | May 15th | 16:30 | Le Raimu
    WED | May 16th | 20:30 | Cinema Valbonne

    Third Kind | Treca vrsta

    DIRECTED BY Yorgos Zois
    PRODUCED BY Squared Square (GR)
    CO-PRODUCED BY  Foss Productions (GR), Nukleus Film (HR)
    GR, HR | 2018 | 32'
    International sales: Salaud Morisset

    Earth has been abandoned for a long time now and the human race has found refuge in outer space. Three archaeologists return to Earth to investigate the source of a mysterious five-tone signal.
    SAT | May 12th | 19:30 | Espace Miramar 
    MON | May 14th | 19:00 | Théâtre Allexandre III

    All Alone by Bobo JelcicMARKET SCREENING:
    All Alone | Sam samcat
    DIRECTED BY Bobo Jelcic
    PRODUCED BY Spiritus Movens (HR)
    CO-PRODUCED BY De Productie (NL), Dart Film (RS), Dokument (BA), Adriatic Western (ME)
    HR, NL, RS, BA, ME | 2018 | 88’
    International sales: Media Luna
    Marko is hardly ever alone: he is surrounded on all sides by family, friends, and neighborhood fixers. Yet, he is driven to the brink by limited contact with the person he loves the most – his daughter, who lives with her mother. When he starts the proceedings to get more time with her, he enters the world of a social-services system in meltdown. His fierce, paternal love for his child is both the source of his misery and his greatest joy.
    SAT | May 12th | 11:30 | Lerins 2

    Oliver Sertic, RESTART
    Oliver is a documentary producer and festival organizer who also has a background in journalism and arts administration. To date, he has produced around 30 feature and short documentaries and experimental films including Bojana Burnac's My Life Without Air and Damian Nenadic's observational documentary Days Of Madness, the recipient of a Special Mention at ZagrebDox in 2018. Oliver is also the founder of the RESTART organization where he established Restart Laboratory, Dokukino and Restart Label.

    Croatian shorts are indeed a dynamic organism. Student and film club scenes surprise the audience by dealing with topics rarely tackled in feature production. Short documentaries offer a candid view of the society in constant change, while avant-garde approaches breach the borders between genres, renegotiating our attitudes towards the medium that is itself in a constant state of flux. Animated shorts capture attention with provocative topics and imaginative settings
    After Party by Viktor Zahtila 

    Almost Nothing: So Continues the Night  by Davor Sanvincenti
    Blink by Jakov Labrovic
    The Cleaning Lady by Matija Vuksic
    Cyclists by Veljko Popovic
    How Steel Was Tempered by Igor Grubic
    The Lovetts by Igor Bezinovic
    Marica by Judita Gamulin
    Safe Flight by Aldo Tardozzi
    The Stranger” In My Head by Petra Balekic
    White Trash by Suncica Ana Veldic

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