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PRODUCTION: Petr Vaclav in Final Development with Big Budget Biopic Il Boemo Featured

Producer Jan Macola and director Petr Vaclav Producer Jan Macola and director Petr Vaclav

PRAGUE: Petr Vaclav will start the casting for Il Boemo, the biopic of Mozart’s friend, Czech composer Josef Myslivecek, in January 2017. The project received the biggest grant ever from the Czech State Cinematography Fund, 850,000 EUR / 23 m CZK, in November 2016.

Petr Vaclav has worked on the script since 2010. Inspired by his work about Josef Myslivecek (1737-1781) for the documentary Confession of the Vanished (2015), he decided to tell the story of this talented Czech composer also in a feature film.

The son of a miller, young Mysliveček flees to Venice to fulfil his dream of becoming a composer. Against all odds he manages and his success surpasses his own expectations. “Il Boemo”, as he became known in Italy, sacrifices everything for freedom, love and fame, but he will eventually die alone, sick and forgotten.

With a budget exceeding 3.7m EUR / 100 m CZK, Il Boemo is planned to start shooting at the beginning of 2018. The film, produced by Jan Macola from Mimesis Film, is set to be a Czech/Italian/French/German coproduction. Negotiations with foreign coproducers are underway.

The creative team remains Vaclav´s traditional one, with Štěpán Kučera as DoP and Florent Mangeot as editor. The music will be conducted by Václav Luks, a great promoter and expert in Mysliveček.


Production Information:

Mimesis Film
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Director: Petr Vaclav
Scriptwriter: Petr Vaclav
DoP: Štěpán Kučera
Editor: Florent Mangeot
Costume designer:Tereza Kučerová
Sound: Daniel Němec


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