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PRODUCTION: In War and Love Completes Filming in Czech Republic Featured

Tom Wlaschiha in In War and Love by Kasper Torsting Tom Wlaschiha in In War and Love by Kasper Torsting (c) Fridthjof Film; photo by Jesper Tøffner

PRAGUE: The World War I Danish/German/Czech drama In War and Love directed by Kaspar Torsting completed a week of shooting in the Czech Republic through Czech company Film United.

The production now moves on to Germany and Denmark.

The film spent 30 M CZK in the Czech Republic, according to line producer Veronika Lencova.

The film tells the story of a Danish soldier who fakes his own death in order to stay near to his wife and young son, hiding in the attic of his own home and watching a German army officer slowly replacing him as the man of the house.

The film stars Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones) as the German officer, Sebastian Jessen as the Danish soldier and Rosalinde Mynster as his wife.

A November 2018 release is planned.

Production information:

Film United


Directed by Kaspar Torsting
Script by Ronnis Fridthjof with Astrid Stroher
DoP:Jesper Toffner
Produced by Ronnie Fridthjof
Executive Producer: Rick McCallum
Cast: Tom Wlaschiha, Sabastian Jessen, Rosalinde Mynster, Thore Lindhardt, Ulrich Thomsen

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