EFP Producer on the Move: Radim Procházka

Written by Irena Zemanová

Almost every production from Radim Procházka has received both critical acclaim and prestigious film awards, including The Greatest Czechs by director Robert Sedláček, nominated for seven awards at the 2010 Czech Lions (www.ceskylev.cz). Now Procházka, one of the most promising filmmmakers in the Czech Republic, heads to Cannes as a European Film Promotion Producer on the Move.

"I‘m very happy for the honor to be part of this prestigious event," Procházka said. "I looking forward meeting my foreign colleagues, with whom I could possibly collaborate in the future."

Born in 1975 in Vyškov and graduated from FAMU film academy (www.famu.cz) in 2006, Procházka has always prefered to create original films which usually receive positive critics reception, but never become as smash hits in Czech cinemas, usually described as "incomprehensible to the mass audience."

"I prefer ambitious, yet individual, character-driven, path-breaking projects. It‘s a great challenge which I love," Procházka said.

Although he studied documentary film directing, he soon became a producer for his teacher, the classic Czech director Karel Vachek. With his new company, Produkce Radim Procházka, he produced Vachek´s full length movie Záviš, the Prince of Pornfolk (2006).

Soon after, he began collaborating with Sedláček, one of the most original and critically acclaimed contemporary Czech directors, and produced his succesful drama The Rules of Lies (2006, distributed by Bontonfilm, www.bontonfilm.cz), winner of the Czech Lion for best original screenplay that year.

Another Sedláček and Procházka film inspired Czech critics to found their own awards in 2010, the Czech Film Critics Awards (www.filmovakritika.cz ), a direct reaction to Sedláček being overlooked at the Czech Lion 2009 awards when his movie Muži v říji (Men in Rut, 2009), widely adored by Czech critics, received not even one nomination.

Procházka has also continued to work as a director. His most recent film, the original full length documentary Catenaccio a la Drnovice or Journey to the Beginning of Time of Economic Transformation (2010), was nominated for the Czech Film Critics Awards.

Procházka is now in post-production with the latest Sedláček´s film Long Live the Family (to be released in 2011). He is also developing a full length documentary Play Brecht! By Karel Vachek (planned to be released in 2015) and Sedláček´s upcoming project, the historical drama Fagus: Portrait of a Lucky Man (to be released in 2014). In Cannes, Procházka plans to promote this project to potential foreign coproducers. "Such a demanding historical big-budget movie as Fagus needs to have foreign co-production partners; it is almost impossible to cover the budget from domestic sources," Procházka notes.


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