Estonia Launches National Film and TV Awards

Polar Boy by Anu Aun Polar Boy by Anu Aun

TALLINN: Estonia will launch its first joint National Film and Television Awards on 12 March 2017. A total of 24 categories will be presented, including 12 for film.

Several specialised film and TV prizes have been launched in Estonia over the years, but the country has lacked a unified annual prize until now.

Two 21-person juries selected the nominees from among a total of 244 persons and teams.

The event is organised with the support of the Estonian Film Institute, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Baltics’ largest private media group Eesti Meedia.



Best Feature Film:

Polar Boy / Polaarpoiss
Directed by Anu Aun
Produced by Luxfilm

The Days that Confused / Päevad, mis ajasid segadusse
Directed by Triin Ruumet
Produced by Kinosaurus Film
Pretenders / Teesklejad
Directed by Vallo Toomla
Produced by Amrion

Best Documentary:
The Land of Love / Armastuse maa
Directed by Liivo Niglas
Produced by F-seitse

Directed by Lauri Lippmaa and Aivar Valdre
Produced by Kopli Kinokompanii

Come Back Free / Tule tagasi vabana
Directed by Ksenia Okhapkina
Produced by Vesilind

Best Short Film or Short Documentary:
A Fragile World / Habras maailm
Directed by Ants Tammik
Produced by Vesilind

Directed by Lauri Randla
Produced by Exitfilm

They Say Tomatoes Love Rock Music / Räägitakse, et tomatid armastavad rokkmuusikat Directed by Janno Jürgens
Produced by Alasti Kino

Best Animated Film:
Full House / Täismaja
Directed by Kristjan Holm
Produced by Eesti Joonisfilm

Empty Space I Tühi ruum
Directed by Ülo Pikkov
Produced by Nukufilm

Directed by Hardi Volmer and Urmas Jõemees
Produced by Voldik

Best Cinematographer:
Erik Põllumaa for Pretenders
Heiko Sikka for Polar Boy
Sten-Johan Lill for The Days that Confused

Best Director:
Anu Aun for Polar Boy / Polaarpoiss
Triin Ruumet for The Days that Confused
Vallo Toomla for Pretenders

Best Screenplay:
Leana Jalukse for Mother / Ema
Directed by Kadri Kõusaar
Produced by Aet Laigu, Meteoriit
Livia Ulman and Andris Feldmanis for Pretenders
Triin Ruumet and Greta Varts for The Days that Confused

Best Actress:
Jaanika Arum for Polar Boy
Mirtel Pohla for Pretenders
Tiina Mälberg for Mother

Best Actor:
Hendrik Toompere Jr. for The Days that Confused
Priit Võigemast for Pretenders
Roland Laos for Polar Boy

Best Sound Editor:
Horret Kuus for Mother
Horret Kuus for Polar Boy
Matis Rei for The Days that Confused

Best Art Director/Set Designer:
Eva-Maria Gramakovski for Pretenders
Jaagup Roomet for Polar Boy
Matis Mäesalu for The Days that Confused

Best Editor:
Hendrik Mägar for The Days that Confused
Margo Siimon for Polar Boy
Tambet Tasuja for Mother


Best Documentary Programme:
Estonian Stories / Eesti lood (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Our People / Meie inimesed (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Ozone / Osoon (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Rocket 69 / Rakett 69 (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Roald’s Week / Roaldi nädal (Kanal 2)

Best TV Series:
ESSR / ENSV (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Hot Trail / Kuum jälg (Kanal 2)
The Vengeance Bureau / Kättemaksukontor (TV3)
Under the Clouds / Pilvede all (Kanal 2)
Happy Str. 13 / Õnne 13 (Estonian Public Broadcasting)

Best Information Programme:
Aktuaalne kaamera (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
The Witness / Pealtnägija (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
The Tin Drum / Plekktrumm (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Radar (Kanal 2)
Foreign World / Välisilm (Estonian Public Broadcasting)

Best New Programme:
Heureka (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
On the Trails of a Lost Civilization / Kadunud tsivilisatsiooni jälgedes (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Our World / Meie maailm (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Roald’s Week / Roaldi nädal (Kanal 2)
The Big Comedy Night / Suur komöödiaõhtu (Kanal 2)

Best Entertainment Show:
Estonian Song / Eesti laul (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Morning with Anu / Hommik Anuga (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Classical Music Stars / Klassikatähed (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Newsreel / Ringvaade (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Your Face Sounds Familiar / Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt (TV3)

Best Director:
Ain Prosa for The Vengeance Bureau
Eva-Katariina Taimre for Estonian Song / Eesti laul
Ove Musting for Estonian Song
Marianne Kõrver for Roald’s Week / Roaldi nädal
Ülle Õun for Mi, Classical Music Stars / Klassikatähed

Best Actress:
Elisabet Reinsalu for Under the Clouds
Helene Vannari for ESSR
Helgi Sallo for Happy Str. 13
Luule Komissarov for Happy Str. 13
Merle Palmiste for Hot Trail

Best Actor:
Argo Aadli for ESSR
Harry Kõrvits for Girl Next Door / Naabriplika (Kanal 2)
Mait Malmsten for ESSR
Raivo E. Tamm for ESSR
Tõnu Oja for Moms and Dads / Papad mammad (TV3)

Best Female TV Host:
Anu Välba for Morning with Anu
Astrid Kannel for Foreign World
Grete Lõbu for Newsreel
Margit Kilumets for OP (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Tuuli Roosma for The Secrets / Saladused (Kanal 2)

Best Male TV Host:
Joonas Hellerma for The Tin Drum
Kristjan Jõekalda for Weekend with Kanal2 / Nädalalõpp Kanal2ga  (Kanal 2)
Margus Saar for Being Self / Iseolemine, Aktuaalne kaamera (ERR) (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Marko Reikop for Newsreel
Urmas Vaino for Terevisioon (Estonian Public Broadcasting)

Best Editor:
Anna Gavronski for The Witness
Indrek Treufeldt for Dialogue / Kahekõne (Estonian Public Broadcasting)
Kajar Kase for Newsreel
Mihkel Kärmas for The Witness
Marii Karell for Radar (Kanal 2)

Best Cinematography:
Kristjan-Jaak Nuudi for Classical Music Stars
Margus Malm for Your Face Sounds Familiar
Raul Priks for Your Face Sounds Familiar
Raul Priks Estonian Song
Tauno Sirel Your Face Sounds Familiar