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Polish Blockbuster Botox Opens in Top Five in UK and Ireland Featured

Botox by Patryk Vega Botox by Patryk Vega

WARSAW: The Polish box office success, Botox directed by Patryk Vega, reached the number four spot in Ireland on its opening weekend, with 100,000 EUR and the number five spot at the UK box office overall with nearly 890, 000 EUR (which includes the Irish results).

The dark action comedy had the second most successful opening weekend in Poland in the past 30 years, when it opened in late September with 712,000 admissions.

The film is released in the UK and Ireland by Phoenix Productions and there was little traditional advertising for the release but online Polish language media spread the word about the film to the large Polish community in the UK and Ireland.

Botox follows the paths of four female medical professionals: a surgeon, an ob-gyn, an emergency doctor and a pharmaceutical rep. The script written by Vega is based on the darkest and most dramatic stories and urban legends connected to Polish medical services. The film was shot in June 2017 on location in Warsaw, Paris and Copenhagen produced by Warsaw based Vega Investments.

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