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Murder and Abuse Stories Dominate Cinematik Featured

"The Hunt", dir.Thomas Vinterberg "The Hunt", dir.Thomas Vinterberg

PIESTANY: Celebrated Danish indie director Thomas Vinterberg has taken home the top prize at Slovakia's 8th annual Cinematik fest ( for his portrait of public shaming, The Hunt (Hon, The film, which stars Mads Mikkelson as a teacher falsely accused of child molesting, won him best actor at Cannes before it scored the Meeting Point Europe Award at Cinematik, winning over a jury of 17 European critics, along with the Meeting Point Europe audience prize.

Another story investigating whether justice has prevailed, The Cervanová Case (Kausa Cervanová,‎) won director Robert Kirchhoff the best Slovak docu prize for his eight-year investigation into the dubious convictions of seven young men in a 40-year-old case of rape and murder that became a political cause in pre-1989 Czechoslovakia.

Cinematik, running 6-12 September, screened dozens of international features and docus, culminating in the prize for Kirchhoff, awarded by a jury composed of Reinhard Bradatsch, Pamela Pianezza, Tristan Priimägi, Petr Siska and Daniel Vadocký.

Slovak documentary New Life (Novy zivot,‎) won the mayor of Piestany prize for director Adam Oľha, who focused his story, which also won the audience prize in Jihlava (, on discerning the impact on a family of a father's sudden departure.

Still Waters by Nir Sa´ar and Maya Sarfaty (, a short feature about an Israeli couple who has to share a spring with Palestinians, took the Eye on Films audience award at the fest, which also featured a retrospective of the work of British director Ben Wheatley and a screening of Bulgaria's The Last Black Sea Pirates ( , a tale of rapacious developers, following the final prize gala.

Cinematik festival prize winners:

Meeting Point Europe award - The Hunt, Thomas Vinterberg (Denmark)

Meeting Point Europe audience award - The Hunt, Thomas Vinterberg (Denmark)

Cinematik.doc Award - Kauza Cervanová, Robert Kirchhoff (Slovakia,

Mayor of Piestany prize - New Life, Adam Oľha (Slovakia,‎)

Eye on Films audience award - Still Waters, Nir Sa´ar and Maya Sarfaty (Israel,

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