FNE at Portoroz: Chefurs Explores Migrant Tensions

"Chefurs raus", dir. Goran Vojnović "Chefurs raus", dir. Goran Vojnović

PORTOROZ: With a title using the pejorative term for inhabitants of Slovenia who are of Serbian, Bosnian or Croatian descent, Chefurs raus, screening at the Portoroz fest, was also a notorious graffiti slogan that sparked a nationwide public debate on xenophobia.

The film follows four teenage friends from the tower blocks spending their days hanging around the neighborhood, watching football matches, getting drunk and smoking an occasional joint. Through their conversations, we gradually learn of their own dilemmas and problems, all grounded in their roots as children of immigrants from the south. Their parents, severed from their culture, are just as confused about their identity, therefore unable to provide them with the stability so needed at this age.

What starts as a series of largely innocent pranks and youthful romps, spirals out of control as the youths are beaten by police, which leads them to take revenge, bringing on an irreversible and tragic loss of innocence.

The black comedy by Goran Vojnović, based on his bestseller of the same title, follows up on his 2011 debut, historical drama Piran-Pirano. Based on name recognition, audience expectations are exceptionally high. Chefurs was produced by Arsmedia with an expected budget of 1,368,129 EUR, of which 730,000 EUR was contributed by the Slovenian Film Center.

Production information

Production company: Arsmedia
Co-funding: Slovenian Film Center
Director: Goran Vojnović
Screenwriter: Goran Vojnović
Producers: Franci Zajc, Boštjan Ikovic
DoP: Radovan Čok
Editors: Janez Bricelj, Ivor Ivezić
Music: Anže Kacafura - Cazzafura
Sound recording: Jože Trtnik
Sound design: Boštjan Kačičnik
Set designer: Urša Loboda
Costume designer: Zvonka Makuc
Makeup: Mirjam Kavčič
Cast:  Benjamin Krnetić, Dino Hajderović, Ivan Pašalić, Jernej Kogovšek, Ermir Hadžihafizbegović, Mediha Musliović