Czech National Film Archive Announce First Results on Laterna Magika Multimedia Research Project

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In the film archive In the film archive photo: laterna-research.cz

PRAGUE: The National Film Archive of Czech Republic has launched the first results of the extensive research project Laterna Magika. Past and Present, Documentation, Preservation and Presentation. Launched in the 50s, Laterna magika is considered to be the first multimedia theater in the world.

Laterna magika, a combination of film projection, movement of dancers and original art direction, has become a cultural phenomenon starting in 1958, when it won a Gold Medal at the international exhibition Expo 58.

The research project combines historical research, preservation and digitalisation of film material, construction of a new archive infrastructure and creation of experimental multimedia data.

Four institutions worked together on the research conducted between 2016 and 2019: the National Film Archive in Prague, the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, Czech Technical University in Prague and CESNET association.

The first results of the project, consisting of interviews with contemporaries, a sample of archive materials and interviews with the members of the research team, are now available in English at www.laterna-research.com.

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