Hungary submits Taxidermia for Oscar nomination

A Hungarian committee of film officials has selected Taxidermia, a controversial film dealing with "three stories, three ages, three men" and directed by György Pálfi, for consideration for the Academy…

Famed Hungarian cinematographer dies

Laszlo Kovacs, a prolific cinematographer from Hungary that ended up working in Hollywood, passed away Saturday night. He was 74.

Update: 49-million euro Nutcracker shooting in Hungary

Moscow-based director Andrei Konchalovsky started the 13-week shooting on one of the biggest film projects of his career - a big-ticket retelling of The Nutcracker - The True Story (working…

Hungarian film opens Bangkok International Film Festival

Children of Glory, directed by Kristina Goda, has opened the Bangkok International Film Festival ( The 2006 film saw 425,489 admissions in its native country of Hungary.