FNE Thank You to Participants of Reader Survey and the Polish Film Institute


WARSAW: FNE would like to thank everyone who participated in our Reader Survey earlier this year.  We would also like to congratulate Charlie Cockey who was the winner of a beautiful boxed set of DVDs of recent Polish films courtesy of the our sponsor the Polish Film Institute. The prize winner was selected in a blind draw from among everyone who participated in the survey.

Cockey is based in Brno in the Czech Republic and is a programmer for the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California.  He is often seen on the international festival circuit and like many festival programmers relies on FNE as one of his primary sources of information.

Cockey said: “Thanks so much to FNE and the Polish Film Institute for the wonderful boxed set of DVDs.  It's a wonderful presentation of the new Polish films, done in fine style by the PISF.

“And while I'm at it, thank you and everyone at FNE for a terrific job as well - at the very least I always read the headlines every day, and cannot tell you how many times one of your articles has given me an early alert of a film that might be interesting for our festival, for me as a a film programmer, or simply as a cinephile and fan of central-eastern European film. You keep putting it out, and I'll keep reading it - and best of all, the films from central and eastern Europe will continue finding increased international exposure. A winning situation all around.”

FNE’s annual Reader Surveys are an important part of the feedback that we need to continue our work and we once again thank everyone who supports us by participating as well as our sponsors.