FESTIVALS: Slovak Film Week Ready to Kick Off

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The Cleaner by Peter Bebjak The Cleaner by Peter Bebjak

BRATISLAVA: The first official edition of the Slovak Film Week, a showcase for domestic production organized by the Slovak Film and Television Academy, will be held from 11 to 17 April 2016.

After a pilot edition in 2015, a highlight this year will be the annual national film award ceremony Sun in a Net, which will take place at the Slovak National Theatre on Saturday, 16 April 2016.

An important part of the Slovak Film Week are workshops and public discussions. This year special homages to Juraj Jakubisko and Igor Luther are also scheduled.

LINEUP of Slovak Films Made in 2015/2016:


Eva Nová (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Directed by Marko Škop
Produced by Artileria, Sirius Film, RTVS, Film Park
Eva Nova by Marko SkopSupported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Slovak Ministry of Culture, RTVS and the Czech State Cinematography Fund

Home Care (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Directed by Slávek Horák
Produced by TVORBA Films, Fog’n’Desire Films, Czech Television, Sokol Kollar, Svoboda&Williams, RTVS, HBO Czech Republic
Supported by the Czech State Cinematography Fund, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and RWE

Johanna’s Mystery (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Directed by Juraj Nvota
Produced by ALEF Film & Media, RTVS, UN Film, Czech Television, Film Park
Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

Koza (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Directed by Ivan Ostrochovský
Produced by sentimentalfilm, endorfilm, Czech Television, RTVS, Punkchart Films

Seven Ravens (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Koza by Ivan OstrochovskyDirected by Alice Nellis
Produced by et cetera group, Honys Motion, Attack Film, RTVS
Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and Eurimages

Spievankovo 5. Professions (Slovakia)
Directed by Diana Novotná
Produced by TONADA

Stanko (Slovakia)
Directed by Rasťo Boroš
Produced by AH Production

The Cleaner (Slovakia)
Directed by Peter Bebjak
Produced by D.N.A., Studio 727, Surosound
Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

Vojtech (Slovakia)
Directed by Viktor Csudai
Produced by Cultfilm, Grimaldi Production, RTVS

Seven Ravens by Alice NellisWilson City (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Directed by Tomáš Mašín
Produced by FilmBrigade, PubRes, Czech Television, RTVS, RWE
Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Eurimages the Czech State Cinematography Fund, RTVS and Czech Television


5 October (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Directed by Martin Kollár
Produced by Punkchart Films, HBO Europe, endorfilm, 71km

Acceptance (Slovakia)
Directed by Jaroslav Matoušek
Produced by JM Film

Anton Srholec (Slovakia)
Directed by Alena Čermáková
Produced by LEON Production, spol. s.r.o.

Colours of Sand (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Directed by Ladislav Kaboš
Produced by Media Film, RTVS, Kabos Film & Media

Spievankovo 5 by Diana NovotnaLast Folio (Slovakia, United Kingdom)
Directed by Katya Krausova
Produced by Portobello Media, Studio Yuri Dojc, RTVS, Slovak Film Institute, Trigon Production

RYTMUS A Dream from the Block (Slovakia)
Directed by Miro Drobný
Produced by Miro Drobný

Suri (Slovakia)
Directed by Pavol Barabáš
Produced by K2 StudioRTVS

Throughout the Eyes of the Photographer (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Directed by Matej Mináč
Produced by W.I.P, MALZ, Trigon Production, Czech Television, RWE, Fénix Film, RTVS, Slovak Film Institute, Bessel Kok, Evan Lazar

Waiting Room (Slovakia)
Directed by Palo Korec
Produced by Artileria, RTVS, Film Park

Rytmus by Miro DrobnyAnimation

Brother Deer (Slovakia)
Directed by Zuzana Žiaková
Produced by VŠMU Bratislava

Cowboyland (Slovakia)
Directed by Dávid Štumpf
Produced by VŠMU Bratislava

Little From the Fish Shop (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany)
Directed by Jan Belej
Produced by Miracle Film, Marlen Media Group, Czech Television, EMITA Investments CZ, Hafan Film, Film Park, Bystrouška, TeamWerk, VFXbox, MiriquidiFilm

Lokalfilmis (Slovakia)
Directed by Jakub Kroner
Produced by Lokal TV, InOut Studio

Little from the Fish Shop by Jan BalejMila Fog (Slovakia)
Directed by Marta Prokopová
Produced by VŠMU Bratislava

Spirit of the City (Slovakia)
Directed by Andrej Kolenčík & Veronika Kocourková
Produced by Admiral Films, Superfilm

Star Taxi (Slovakia)
Directed by Juraj Krumpolec
Produced by Juraj Krumpolec

The Little Man (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Directed by Radek Beran
Produced by Bedna Films, Fantomas Production, Czech Television

To Breathe Sulfur (Slovakia)
Directed by Marián Vredík
Produced by Marián Vredík