FESTIVALS: The 24th Febiofest Announces Lineup

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BRATISLAVA: The 24th edition of MFFK Febiofest is ready to run from 2 to 8 March 2016, with more than 100 films and the short film competition „In the Middle of Europe“. After Bratislava, the festival will travel to eleven cities across Slovakia.

Spoor by Agnieszka HollandThe festival will also pay tribute to Lubor Dohnal, Miroslav Janek and Agnieszka Holland, who will come to introduce her latest Berlinale winning film Spoor (TOR Film Production, Heimatfilm GmbH, Chimney Group, nutprodukce , nutprodukcia). There are nine premieres of domestic titles announced, including Little Harbor (Hulapa Film, endorfilm , Katapult, RTVS) by Iveta Grófová, which won Berlinale Generation Kplus prize, and the documentary Sunrise Hotel by Mária Rumanová, which had its world premiere at IDFA.

The competition section will for the fifth time introduce a selection of 20 fiction, documentary, animated and experimental short films from 2016. The title „In the Middle of Europe“ refers to Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland along with Austria. The decision to keep Austria among the other competing V4 countries is related to the main topic of this year’s Industry programme, a focus on film cooperation between Austria and Slovakia.

The main organizer of MFFK Febiofest is the Association of Slovak Film Clubs. The festival takes place in the Lumière Cinema in Bratislava.


Apocalypse / Apokalipsa (Poland)
Directed by Justyna Mytnik

Bardo (Czech Republic)
Directed by Marcela Drobná

Little Harbor by Iveta GrofovaBoundless / Grezenlos (Austria)
Directed by Veronika Abigail Beringer

The Burden of Memory / Die Last der Erinnerung (Austria)
Directed by Albert Meisl

Black Cake / Černý dort (Czech Republic)
Directed by Johana Švarcová

The Reprimand / Čočka (Czech Republic)
Directed by Tereza Vejvodová

Debut / Debiut (Poland)
Directed by Katarzyna Kijek

Dialogue / Dialóg (Hungary)
Directed by Gábor Fabricius

Fuck the Cancer! (Austria)
Directed by Thomas Renoldner

Chilli (Slovakia)
Directed by Martina Mikušová

Lockjaw / Szczękościsk (Poland)
Directed by Kordian Kądziela

The Test by Gregor ValentovicNon-Places: Beyond the Infinite (Hungary)
Directed by Péter Lichter

About My Sister / O sestre (Slovakia)
Directed by Barbora Sliepková

Room (Czech Republic)
Directed by Jana Kristýna Nováčková

The Test / Skúška (Slovakia)
Directed by Gregor Valentovič

Jays / Sojky (Czech Republic)
Directed by Karolína Čejková

Trace I Leave (behind) / Stopa (p)o mne (Czech Republic)
Directed by Simona Donovalová

Three Conversations on Life / Trzy rozmowy o życiu (Poland)
Directed by Julia Staniszewska

Triptych (Slovakia)
Directed by Matúš Ryšan, Michal Ďuriš, Ondrej Hraška

Wartburg (Hungary)
Directed by David Borbás