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What kind of documentaries are being created by the leading Czech documentary filmmakers? What does the contemporary Czech documentary scene offer?

Together with the documentary VOD portal, the Institute of Documentary Film is inviting you to watch a selection of Czech documentaries from 2016. On the occasion of the event Evening with Czech Docs, a curated programme can be streamed until 24 September 2017.

East Silver Caravan included three new films in its selection. They are the challenging film The World According to Daliborek by Vít Klusák, student film Jágr Republic by Ondřej Šálek and the Romanian/French existential documentary Tarzan’s Testicles by Alexandru Solomon.

Croatian director Bruno Pavić is developing The Bay, a documentary set at the Bay of Kastela, near the city of Split, where there are dangerous industrial facilities with mercury flowing into the sea, particles of asbestos flying through the air and poisonous gases.

Three new Czech movies are heading for the cinemas in the months to come. They are the awaited Common Sense directed by Vít Janeček and Zuzana Piussi, Červená directed by Olga Sommerová and Non Parents directed by Jana Počtová.

Mila Turajlic is currently in production with The Labudović Files, a Serbian/Algerian/French coproduction about Stevan Labudović.

Martin Tokár is developing Yours Sincerely, Social System, an absurd comedy and social documentary about Yves Nicolas Ogou, who originally comes from Benin, Africa, but has lived and worked in eastern Slovakia for almost 25 years.

Two documentaries from the selection East Silver Caravan, Romania's Planeta Petrila, directed by Andrei Dascalescu, and Macedonia's Avec l´Amour, directed by  Ilija Cvetkovski, will compete in the documentary section of Sarajevo Film Festival  (11-18 August 2017).

When the War Comes / Až přijde válka, directed by Jan Gebert, follows a young member of militia Slovak Recruits/ Slovenskí branci, one of the largest paramilitary organizations in Eastern Europe. This Czech / Croatian coproduction is currently in production. 

Czech director Andrea Culková is developing the documentary Testosterone Story.