Obituary: Gheorghe Dinică

By Iulia Blaga

    One of the acclaimed and most loved Romanian actors, Gheorghe Dinică, died November 10, 2009, age 75, after a generalised infection.

    He was currently filming a local television series and checked into the hospital on October 22 with a diagnosis of pneumonia, which turned into a generalised infection.

    Gheorghe Dinică was an accomplished and popular actor. He worked onstage with directors like David Esrig, Andrei Şerban and Liviu Ciulei, and built a strong popularity among the moviegoers, thanks to his ability to play comedy as well as drama in popular movies, arthouse productions or, lately, in TV series.

    Among many Romanian directors, he worked with Lucian Pintilie for Why Are the Bells Ringing, Mitica?/De ce trag clopotele, Mitică? and The Afternoon of a Torturer /După-amiaza unui torţionar, with Mircea Daneliuc for The Conjugal Bed/Patul conjugal, with Nae Caranfil for Filantropica.

    He also appeared in foreign and international productions including the Hungarian film White Palms by Szabolcs Hajdu, Youth Without Youth by Francis Ford Coppola, L'Homme pressé by Sebastien Grall, and Andrassy Street 60 by Peter Engert.

    He is survived by his wife.