PRAGUE: The Czech/Slovak drama Jan Palach directed by Robert Sedláček got six nominations for the Czech Film Critics‘Awards. The awards will be announced on 2 February 2019.

PRAGUE: The Czech Film Fund will support the production of eight feature films with a total sum of 2,474,386 EUR / 64 m CZK. The highest support of 560,603 EUR / 14. 5m CZK was granted to the biopic Havel, directed and produced by Slávek Horák, which will cover Havel’s life from 1968 to 1989, when he was elected president of Czechoslovakia.

PRAGUE: Barrandov Studio will coproduce new projects by Agnieszka Holland, Zdeněk Jiráský and David Ondříček, and also an animated film by Denisa Grimmová and Jan Bubeníček in 2019.

PRAGUE: Ten debut films with an overall request for 50m CZK applied for support in the call for first films. The Czech Film Fund allocated 10 m CZK in total for this round.

PRAGUE: The popular Czech actor-turned-director Jiri Madl is completing his second film On the Roof to debut in 2019, a year after originally scheduled.

PRAGUE: A film version of the Czech bestseller The Last Aristocrat, directed by Jiří Vejdělek, is in preproduction for release in 2019.

PRAGUE: Irena Pavlásková is shooting The Prague Orgy, based on the novel by the famous American writer Philip Roth, who died earlier this year. The project with international cast is shot in English.

PRAGUE: The Czech Film Fund has announced its support for minority coproductions in the October 2018 round of grants. The total amount of the allocation for this call was 769,230 EUR / 20 m CZK. Eight projects were supported, out of 25 applying. Among the majority producers of these projects were two each from Poland, Slovakia and Latvia, along with one from Lithuania.

PRAGUE: Anna Herza Tydlitátová from Telekinetic is representing the Czech Republic at Jihlava IDFF's Emerging Producers programme. FNE spoke with Herza Tydlitátová about the current situation for documentary filmmaking in the Czech Republic.

PRAGUE: The Czech Film Fund allotted 1.41 m EUR / 36.6 m CZK for the production of nine long and short animated films and 173,544 EUR / 4.5m CZK as development grants for 14 documentaries.