PRAGUE: The Czech comedy The Island / Ostrov by by Rudolf Havlík is currently shooting in Thailand and will spend almost the entire time of the production there.

PRAGUE: Chris Hemsworth is currently in the Czech capital shooting the sequel to the Netflix hit Extraction. The shooting will last four months, from 29 November to 19 March 2022.

PRAGUE: The first Czech private university focused solely on TV, The Television Institute, will open in Brno, the second-largest city in the Czech Republic. The goal of the Institute is to cultivate the local TV scene.

PRAGUE: Václav Marhoul is in preproduction with a biography of the disgraced American Senator Joseph McCarthy. The film under the working title McCarthy and slogan “The Godfather of Fear” is currently putting together its funding.

PRAGUE: HBO is in production on the six-part Slovak TV series The Winner / Víťaz (working title), under the new label HBO Max Original. The Winner is being produced by Tereza Polachová and executive produced for HBO Max by Steve Matthews and Jonathan Young. The Czech company ETAMP Film Production is producing the project for HBO.

PRAGUE: The Czech Film Fund has distributed 3 m EUR / 78 m CZK as grants for the production of feature and animated films, as well as for the development of animated films.

PRAGUE: The Czech Film Fund has distributed 474,000 EUR / 12 m CZK as production grants for documentaries.

PRAGUE: Czech actor/playwright/director Jiří Havelka is currently in postproduction with his sophomore feature A Unique Event (English working title) / Mimořádná událost. The premiere is already set for 2 February 2022.

PRAGUE: Zátopek by David Ondříček has had the best opening of the season among domestic releases, the 108,560 admissions placing it in the 10th spot of the domestic openings chart. In the second weekend, the biopic about the Olympic winner Emil Zátopek dropped by 64% with 39,000 admissions.

PRAGUE: The Italian/Czech coproduction Terezín by Gabriele Guidi, coproduced by Three Brothers Production, started shooting in Prague on 30 August 2021. The production is supported by the Prague Film Fund.

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