Two Prizes Put Romanian VR on Immersive Innovation Map

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    Tangible Utopias Tangible Utopias credit: Storyscapes

    BUCHAREST: The Romanian projects Human Violins and Tangible Utopias, directed by Fulbright alumna Ioana Mischie and produced by Storyscapes, are among the first VR projects to receive a Meta grant from Women in Immersive Technologies, at the first edition of the Immersive Creators Catalyst programme.

    Eight projects in development were nominated for the Immersive Creators Catalyst and three winners were selected. Ioana Mischie’s projects were the only projects from FNE partner countries nominated for these awards.

    Human Violins had been previously developed at Biennale College Cinema VR and Torino XR Stories, while Tangible Utopias participated in Cannes XR, VR Days IFM and Stereopsia - Booster Award.

    In 2021, the first futurist town from Tangible Utopias, The Spheres City, received the first award for a Romanian VR franchise, the Open Frame Award at the goEast IFF.

    Both projects are produced by the Storyscapes Association together with partners within or outside the borders, including the Bucharest-based studios Noe-Fi Studios, Studioset and SeeThree, as well as Viga Entertainment Technology (India).

    Women in Immersive Tech Europe, which is a community launched in May 2016, is aimed to empower European women in VR, AR, MR and other future visual technologies.

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