FNE AV Innovation: DIGIX incubator pushing the boundaries of digital media


    TALLINN: DIGIX is the Baltic States’ first creative industries incubator for startups working with the elusive and fast developing field of digital media. Set up in 2015, DIGIX is located on the premises of the Baltic Film and Media School, staying close to upcoming talent in the audiovisual, media, games and e-learning fields.

    digixDIGIX runs a 6-month programme for startup companies less than 2 years old and working with any creative content running on digital screens, from smartphones to cinemas. The incubator is funded by Enterprise Estonia with the express purpose of nurturing creative talent into functioning businesses, with export of services and products as the final goal. Since its establishment, DIGIX has worked with 20+ startups, with a third doing sales abroad today.

    DIGIX alumni and current members include companies in fields as diverse as gaming, 3D modelling and animation, crowdsourcing digital heritage, music industry crowdfunding, augmented reality solutions for schools, virtual reality solutions for museums, real-time war-games tracking, auto-focus sensors for film cameras, etc. The incubator uses the help of over 40 mentors from Estonia and abroad to help tune the teams’ business models and creative content in weekly seminars and monthly business coaching. Companies can chose to locate their office in DIGIX or participate in the programme.

    As a tentpole event, DIGIX also organises the biannual and Baltics’ largest 48-hour creative industries hackathon Loomehäkk with over 100 international participants.