FNE TV: Michal Bregant Director Czech National Film Archives

Michal Bregant Director of Czech National Film Archives speaks about the selection of Cerny Petr / Black Peter (Czechoslovakia, 1963) directed by Milos Forman for Venice Classics section of this year’s festival and why there is an increasing interest in restored classics at international film festivals.


FNE TV: Pascal Diot, head of the Venice Production Bridge

FNE asked Pascal Diot how the Venice Production Bridge has evolved since its inception six years ago and what he thinks of VR in the context of the European film industry.


FNE TV: Christine Eloy General Manager Europa Distribution

FNE asked Christine Eloy general manager of Europa Distribution about the changing role of European film distributors in an increasingly challenging audiovisual landscape.


FNE TV: EFP’s Future Frames

Ten European film school students and graduates speak about the future of European film


MEP Martina Dlabajova Member of the EU Parliament Committee of Budgetary Control and Committee of Employment and Social Affairs

FNE asked MEP Martina Dlabajova a new report New Skills Agenda for Europe and how why this is important for the creative industries including film.


MEP Helga Trupel Vice Chair of EU Parliament Culture Committee

FNE asked MEP Helga Trupel about the challenges facing European film distribution in the digital age and the impact of the AVMSD (Audiovisual Media Services Directive) on the film industry.