FNE TV: Vitaly Mansky

FNE spoke to award winning documentary maker Vitaly Mansky about the role of  documentary makers in an era of fake news, social media and distrust of the mainstream media.  Mansky also told FNE about his new project which is both a retrospective of the recent past and also looks at  ourselves at the beginning of a new century, a new millennium. The six or seven country co-production has already sparked interest from Czech, Latvian, German and Russian TV channels as well as receiving script development support from the Latvian Cultural Endowment Fund.


FNE TV: Ivan Hronec CEO of leading regional player Film Europe Media Company

FNE AV Innovation: Ivan Hronec CEO of Film Europe Media Company tells us about how his company has come up with an innovative way to increase audiences for European films by integrating theatrical, TV and VOD platforms.  Hronec also looks ahead to the Digital Single Market and how to navigate in the DSM future.


Febiofest SK Roundtable Slovakia Austria Film Neighbours

FNE Association teamed up with Febiofest Slovakia to present Slovakia Austria Film Neighbours an event to look at cooperation between the film industries of the two countries and how to encourage closer ties. Attending the event in Bratislava were: Moderator Premysl Martinek Director of Febiofest SK, Austrian producer Ralph Weiser head of Mischief Films, Dr Marijana Stoisits head of Vienna Film Commission, Martin Smatlak the head of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Lubica Orechovska Producer PubRes Slovakia and Arie Bohrer Film Commissioner - Location Austria - The National Film Commission.


FNE TV: Miriam Ryndova Manager East Doc Platform

FNE asked Miriam Ryndova the manager of East Doc Platform about the challenges facing documentary makers in Central and Eastern Europe and the role played by TV and new platforms like VOD.


FNE AV Innovation: Adam Siroky co-head of XLAB Prague

FNE asked Adam Siroky about new trends in 360 degrees video and virtual reality and the impact of these new technologies on the documentary industry.  Široký is a ventuz designer, data integrator, software developer, VJ XLAB. The Prague based XLAB specializes in 360 degrees video and VR.


FNE TV: Premysl Martinek Director of Febiofest SK

FNE teamed up with Febiofest Slovakia and its Industry Days in Bratislava this year.  Festival director Premysl Martinek talks about the Slovak film industry and the importance of regional cooperation.


Martin Smatlak head of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

Martin Smatlak head of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund spoke to FNE about the major achievements of the AVF since its inception, the results of the Slovak tax incentives and the importance of regional cooperation.


FNE TV: Inesa Ivanova

London based Lithuanian producer Inesa Ivanova tells us about Baltic View an innovative new cinema space that will bring Baltic films to new audiences beyond their own borders