UNIC policy update 13.09.2017


    European Film Forum 
    04/09: European Film Forum in Venice: Speech by EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel – European Commission

    The newly appointed Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel shared her perspective on the current and future MEDIA programme.
    02/09: The European Film Forum goes to Venice – European Commission

    The European Film Forum (EFF) brought together industry representatives and policy makers to explore, on one hand, the industrial and societal effects of virtual reality and, on the other hand, to look ahead to the future of audiovisual policy and support programmes.

    04/09: EFADs call for a copyright framework to support film education, audiovisual heritage, and a fair, diverse and transparent online marketplace in the 21st century - EFADs

    The European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) have launched a paper calling on Europe’s policy makers, the European Commission and leading audio-visual organisations to work together in ensuring a copyright framework is established that is fit for the industry and audiences in the 21st century.

    27/09: European Audiovisual Observatory Conference on media convergence - Brussels 29/09: Workshop on the Promotion of European Works in Audiovisual Media Services - Brussels27-28/11: European Film Forum in Tallinn - Estonia

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