UNIC policy update 17.10.2017


    28/09: Security Union: Commission steps up efforts to tackle illegal content online – European Commission
    The Commission has presented guidelines and principles for online platforms to increase the proactive prevention, detection and removal of illegal content inciting hatred, violence and terrorism online.

    Digital Single Market
    29/09: Key messages of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to heads of state or government in Tallinn on the state of play of the digital single market – eu2017.ee
    ‘Since the beginning of the mandate, the Commission has put forward 43 initiatives to complete the digital single market, of which 24 legislative proposals. Over the same period, the need to achieve a digital single market was repeatedly discussed amongst ourselves and in 10 different Summits we have agreed to complete the digital single market’ stated President Juncker. 

    Creative Europe Programme 
    30/09: Registrations open for the European Culture Forum 2017 – European Commission
    The European Culture Forum takes place every two years with prestigious speakers and lively discussions on the hottest topics in culture.

    EU Budget
    10/10: Next MFF must match EU ambitions – EPP website
    The MFF lays down the maximum annual amounts which the EU may spend in different political fields over a period of at least five years.


    • TBC: EP JURI vote on the Broadcast Regulation
    • TBC: Vote on the Contracts for the Supply of Digital Content Directive
    • 19/10: The Impact of Brexit on the UK Copyright Regime panel discussion - London - more information here
    • 6/11: UNIC Film Screening of 'Borg McEnroe' - Brussels - email to reserve
    • 27-28/11: Estonian Presidency conference on audiovisual content, technology and policy – Tallinn – more information here