UNIC policy update 12/09/2018


    EU Copyright Directive

    25/08: Copyright Plenary Vote: Big Tech Tactics Revealed – Creativity Works!

    Following the July Plenary vote, and the intense disinformation campaign produced by Big Tech, journalists and policymakers alike have uncovered disturbing truths.

    27/08: Europe’s creative & cultural actors unite to call for an online environment that works for EU creativity – europeforcreativity.org

    “We prefer to invest our time and/or money in creation, jobs, growth and a plural and diverse cultural landscape. That is what we believe Europe is about. Real people that create real things and really want this reform to ensure the online world plugs the value gap”, mentions the statement.

    04/09: MEPs in last-minute meeting ahead of crunch EU copyright vote – The Parliament Magazine

    MEPs were meeting on Tuesday in a last-minute effort to agree a compromise that will be acceptable to a majority of deputies ahead of a key vote next week on the reforming EU copyright rules.

    10/09: Intense lobbying continues ahead of EU copyright vote – The Parliament Magazine

    World famous artist Wyclef Jean has joined others in urging MEPs to this week vote against a proposed reform of the EU copyright laws which has returned to the plenary following Parliament’s decision not to enter the interinstitutional negotiations.


    EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive 

    03/09: MEPs to vote on EU audiovisual media services reform next month – The Parliament Magazine

    A vote in plenary in Strasbourg, the first after the summer recess, to endorse the new rules is likely to take place in the week starting 10 September.


    European Elections 2019

    24/08: 2019 European elections 'could be the most decisive yet' on future of EU – The Parliament Magazine

    The next European elections could see a “flattening out” of the centre and further fragmentation of party support, according to a new report.


    Recent Studies

    EAO - The origin of films in VOD catalogues - August 2018IVIR Amsterdam - Global Online Piracy Study - July 2018EU OMC - The role of public policies in developing entrepreneurial and innovation potential of the cultural and creative sectors - April 2018


    12 September: European Parliament Plenary Vote - EU Copyright Directive
    24-27 September: FNCF Congress 2018 - Deauville 26 & 27 September: EUIPO Plenary Meeting 2018 - Alicante 
    4 October: European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) 2018 - Vienna
    8-9 October: Challenging (the) Content – Content made in Europe in the digital economy - Vienna
    8-11 October: NATO Fall Summit
    10 October: CICI Lunch - European Parliament, Brussels 
    15 & 16 October: UNIC Cinema Days - Brussels