UNIC policy update 23/10/2019


    EU Budget 2021-2027

    09/10: Communication: Time to decide on the Union’s financial framework for 2021-2027 – European Commission

    The European Commission’s contribution to the European Council meeting on 17-18 October 2019

    Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU

    18/10: Finland presented work on implementation of EU Strategic Agenda – eu2019.fi

    The European Council discussed the follow-up to the Strategic Agenda for 2019–2024 in Brussels on 18 October 2019. Finland is now the first presidency to integrate the priorities of the Agenda, adopted in June, into the Council’s practical work. Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne informed the EU leaders of the progress made in the implementation.

    European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO)

    09/10: The independence of media regulatory authorities in Europe - EAO

    Europe’s main piece of media legislation – the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) – was recently revised and a new version entered into force last autumn. This new AVMSD introduces an obligation for EU member states to designate one or more independent national regulatory authorities to oversee the broadcasting and audiovisual media sector in Europe.

    10/10: Just ahead of BREXIT deadline, UK once again named the largest audiovisual market in greater Europe – EAO

    European Audiovisual Observatory publishes 2018 Data on Audiovisual Media Services in Europe from the Mavise Database.


    24 October: Second Shadow Rapporteurs’ meeting, Creative Europe Programme, Brussels (TBC) 

    4 November: UNIC/Europa Distribution/FERA/FIAD Screening, Brussels

    4-5 November: CULT Committee meeting, Brussels

    5 November: Second Copyright Stakeholders’ Dialogue, Brussels 

    5-6 November: Voices of Culture Structured Dialogue on Gender Balance in the Cultural & Creative Sectors Dialogue Meeting with the European Commission, Brussels

    6 November: Optional fourth technical interinstitutional meeting, Creative Europe Programme, Brussels 

    6-7 November: IMCO Committee meeting, Brussels

    6-7 November: JURI Committee meeting, Brussels

    11-12 November: ITRE Committee meeting, Brussels  

    21-22 November: Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council, Brussels  

    1 December: European Commission comes into office (TBC)

    Recent Studies:

    EUIPO - IPR-intensive industries and economic performance in the European Union - September 2019

    EAO - Amazon is the biggest buyer of EU films for SVOD release outside of Europe - September 2019

    European Parliament - Research for CULT Committee - Culture and creative sectors in the
    European Union – Key future developments, challenges and opportunities