UNIC policy update 05/12/2019


    Copyright enforcement

    27/11: Illegal IPTV in the European Union: Research on online business models infringing intellectual property rights (Phase 3) – EUIPO

    The report estimates EUR 941.7 million of unlawful revenue was generated by copyright infringing IPTV providers in the EU in 2018 and that these services were used by 13.7 million people in the EU (3.6 % of the EU-28 population).

    EU Budget

    18/11: EU Budget 2020 deal: Investing more in climate action, youth and research – European Parliament

    MEPs have obtained better support for climate action, research, SMEs and the young in next year’s EU budget, after a second round of talks with Council.

    18/11: Agreement on EU budget for 2020: Tackling climate change and delivering on other EU priorities – European Commission

    The three EU institutions agreed on the EU's budget for 2020. This will allow the EU to focus its resources on the priorities that matter to citizens: climate change, jobs, young people, security and solidarity in the EU. 

    25/11: EU budget for 2020: Council endorses deal with Parliament – Council of the EU

    The Council approved the deal reached with the European Parliament on the 2020 EU budget. If the agreement is also confirmed by the Parliament, the EU budget for 2020 is adopted. 

    European Commission

    25/11: Council adopts new list of Commissioner candidates – Council of the EU

    The Council adopted a new list of persons whom it proposes for appointment as members of the Commission until 31 October 2024.

    27/11: Parliament elects the von der Leyen Commission – European Parliament

    Following the conclusion of the hearings process, Parliament approved the new Commissioners, presented to plenary by Commission President-elect von der Leyen.

    European People’s Party

    20/11: Donald Tusk overwhelmingly elected European People’s Party President – EPP

    The European People’s Party Congress has overwhelmingly elected Donald Tusk as the EPP President with 491 in favour (93%) and 37 against.

    European Cinema Night 2019

    29/11: European Cinema Night 2019: free screenings showcase the best of European film – European Commission

    The second edition of the European Cinema Night, an event celebrating the best of European film by offering free screenings, is taking place from 2 to 6 December in cinemas across the EU.


    16 December: Fourth European Commission copyright Stakeholders’ Meeting, Brussels