UNIC policy update 16/01/2020


    Copyright enforcement

    09/01: European Commission steps up protection of European intellectual property in global markets – European Commission

    The European Commission published the latest report on protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in third countries.

    EU Digital Services Act (DSA)

    07/01: EDiMA calls for a new Online Responsibility Framework - EDiMA

    EDiMA, the voice of the leading internet companies and the most popular internet products in Europe, is calling on the European Commission to introduce a new Online Responsibility Framework. This framework will help internet companies to respond to the growing demands to do more to tackle illegal content online.

    European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO)

    10/01: European Audiovisual Observatory rings in its new Moroccan Presidency for 2020! - EAO

    The Strasbourg-based Observatory is part of the Council of Europe and has been providing facts and figures on the film, television and video industries in Europe since 1992. The Observatory’s yearly rotating presidency changes every January. In 2019 the Presidency was held by Italy.

    Digital taxation

    18/12: Parliament keeps up pressure to tax digital economy more fairly – European Parliament

    MEPs press EU to engage fully in international efforts to tax the digital economy, while still being prepared to act at EU level if global plans fail.


    23/12: Circular economy – new action plan to increase recycling and reuse of products in the EU – European Commission

    The new action plan is meant to speed up the EU’s transition towards a circular economy.

    Council of the EU

    27/12: The Programme of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union adopted today – EU 2020 HR

    Croatia took over the rotating Council Presidency from Finland on 1 January 2020. For the next six months, the country wants to focus on sustainable development, a networked economy, safety and positioning Europe as a global leader.

    European Capital of Cultures

    03/01: 2020 European Capitals of Culture: Rijeka and Galway – European Commission

    As of 1 January 2020, Rijeka (Croatia) and Galway (Ireland) will hold the title of European Capital of Culture for one year.


    20-21 January: CULT Committee meeting, Brussels
    22-23 January: ITRE Committee meeting, Brussels
    22-23 January: IMCO Committee meeting, Brussels
    4 February: European Audiovisual Observatory conference – “TV and film production in Europe – the state of independence?”, Brussels
    10 February (TBC): Sixth European Commission copyright stakeholders’ dialogue, Brussels
    18 February: Save the Date – UNIC conference at the European Parliament, Brussels

    Last modified on 17-01-2020