UNIC policy update 01/12/2020


    COVID -19: EU Response

    25/11: MEPs call on EU leaders to end MFF deadlock without giving in on rule of law – European Parliament

    EP group leaders and the Commission advise Hungary and Poland to take the EU to Court on rule of law, instead of penalising EU citizens by blocking the budget.

    25/11: Streamlining public procurement within the EU for more efficient public spending – Council of the EU

    The Council adopted a set of conclusions centred on how efficient public procurement rules and practices, combined with increased public spending, can accelerate the economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and lead to a sustainable and more resilient EU economy.

    Copyright enforcement

    24/11: EUIPO IP Perception study 2020 – EUIPO Observatory

    To what degree are intellectual property rights respected, and in what form? The EUIPO tracks this through a series of wide-ranging and in-depth surveys, published at regular intervals, which – taken together – provide a full picture of the evolution of citizen perception of intellectual property rights in the EU.

    EU Geo-blocking Regulation

    30/11: Commission publishes its short-term review of the Geo-blocking Regulation – European Commission

    The European Commission published the conclusions of its first short-term review of the 2018 Geo-blocking Regulation, which prohibits unjustified geographical restrictions in the sale of goods and services within the EU. This review includes the Commission report and the accompanying Staff Working Document (SWD).

    EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD)

    23/11: Audiovisual Media: Commission opens infringement procedures against 23 Member States for failing to transpose the Directive on audiovisual content – European Commission

    The European Commission launched infringement procedures against 23 Member States and the United Kingdom for failing to enact the new rules governing EU-wide coordination of all audiovisual media, both traditional TV broadcasts and on-demand services, and video-sharing platforms. These new EU rules aim to create a regulatory framework fit for the digital age, leading to a safer, fairer and more diverse audiovisual landscape.

    Action Plan on Intellectual Property

    26/11: Creativity Works! welcomes the IP Action Plan – Creativity Works!

    Creativity Works!, a leading European coalition of the creative and cultural sectors, welcomes the 25 November Action Plan on Intellectual Property as a way of “making the most of the EU’s innovative potential”.

    25/11: Commission adopts Action Plan on Intellectual Property to strengthen EU's economic resilience and recovery – European Commission

    The Commission published a new Action Plan on Intellectual Property to help companies, especially small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), to make the most of their inventions and creations and ensure they can benefit our economy and society.


    10/11: Open for feedback: Accessible web & digital content for people with disabilities – review of EU rules – European Commission

    The Web accessibility directive aims to make public-sector websites and mobile applications in the EU more accessible to the public, particularly people with disabilities.


    1 December: Council of the EU - Culture and AV Ministers meeting

    1 December: European Parliament ITRE Committee meeting

    1 December: European Parliament JURI/FEMM Committee meeting

    2 December: European Parliament CULT Committee meeting

    2 December: European Parliament IMCO Committee meeting

    2 December: European Commission Media and Audiovisual Action Plan – TBC

    3 December: European Parliament JURI Committee meeting

    4 December: European Parliament Cultural Creators Friendship Group (CCFG) event

    7 December: European Parliament JURI Committee meeting

    9 December: European Commission proposal for the Digital Services Act package

    10 December: European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO) elections for the Advisory Board & workshop on inclusion and diversity

    10-11 December: European Council Meeting

    10 December: Know Your Business Customer: Protecting European consumers and businesses from online harms, webinar

    14 December: Creative Europe trilogue