UNIC policy update 31/03/2021


    COVID – 19: Cultural and Creative Sectors

    19/03: Include Culture in Your National Recovery Strategies and Reactivate Cultural Life - UNIC

    Following the open letter published by 110+ pan-European networks on 30 October 2020 “Make culture central in the EU recovery”, the group comes together again to reiterate their call to the national governments and the European Commission.

    COVID-19: EU response

    25/03: Statement by President von der Leyen at the joint press conference with President Michel, following the videoconference of the members of the European Council – European Commission

    25/03: Post-pandemic Europe: High-level expert group advises to learn from innovation and boost key ecosystems – European Commission

    In their second Policy Brief ‘Transformation post-COVID: Mobilising Innovation for People, Planet and Prosperity’, the independent ESIR expert group proposes a ‘protect-prepare-transform’ design approach that focusses on applying key learnings from the pandemic and ensuring transitions that are just and that embody the European Commission’s new social, green, and digital pathways for an innovative and resilient post-pandemic Europe.

    25/03: MEPs clear another hurdle for the COVID-19 recovery plan – European Parliament

    MEPs approved three laws on implementing the EU’s Own Resources system, paving the way for its reform and the introduction of new sources of EU revenue.

    25/03: Statement of the members of the European Council – Council of the EU

    Following the informal video conference on 25 March 2021, the members of the European Council adopted a statement on COVID-19, single market, industrial policy, digital and the economy, the Eastern Mediterranean and Russia.

    16/03: Remarks by Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis at the informal ECOFIN press conference – European Commission

    16/03: Commission disburses further €9 billion under SURE to seven Member States – European Commission

    The European Commission has disbursed today €9 billion to seven EU Member States in the fifth instalment of financial support to Member States under the SURE instrument. This is the second disbursement in 2021. As part of today's operations, Czechia has received €1 billion, Spain €2.87 billion, Croatia €510 million, Italy €3.87 billion, Lithuania €302 million, Malta €123 million and Slovakia €330 million.

    Council of the EU

    25/03: Remarks by President Charles Michel following the video conference of the members of the European Council of 25 March 2021 – Council of the EU


    25/03: Estonian Government Supports Cultural Sector With 42 m EUR – Film New Europe

    The Estonian government has announced a 42 m EUR support package for the struggling cultural sector. The film sector will receive 5.3 m EUR, of which 3.3 million EUR is earmarked for cinemas and film distributors. The remaining 2 m EUR goes to film productions.


    17/03: Commission approves €3 million Latvian scheme to support cultural institutions affected by coronavirus outbreak – European Commission

    The aim of the scheme is to mitigate the sudden liquidity shortages that these companies are facing due to the restrictive measures implemented by the Latvian government to limit the spread of the virus. The support will take the form of direct grants. The measure is open to companies active in the country's cultural sector.


    31 March: Virtual Talk "Capital Markets Union: Financing the post-Covid recovery"

    26 May: EU Copyright Law: State of Play and Future Directions – Conference
    May 2021: Porto Social Summit