UNIC policy update 16/07/2021


    COVID – 19: Cultural and Creative Sectors

    29/06: Commission proposes coordinated measures for the safe reopening of the cultural and creative sectors – European Commission

    The Commission published EU guidelines to ensure the safe resumption of activities in the cultural and creative sectors across the EU. At a time when the epidemiological situation is improving and vaccination campaigns are speeding up, Member States are gradually reopening cultural venues and activities.

    29/06: Speech of Commissioner Gabriel at the press conference on the safe reopening of the cultural and cultural sectors – European Commission

    COVID-19: EU response

    07/07: Summer 2021 Economic Forecast: Reopening fuels recovery – European Commission

    The European economy is forecast to rebound faster than previously expected, as activity in the first quarter of the year exceeded expectations and the improved health situation prompted a swifter easing of pandemic control restrictions in the second quarter.

    07/07: Are we there yet? Foresight study on the exit from the COVID 19 crisis – European Commission

    At the height of Europe’s pandemic crisis, in the summer of 2020, a foresight study engaged expert communities in medicine, public health and socio-economic conditions in an effort to anticipate the pace of Europe’s exit from the crisis, by anticipating medical advances, the implications of the pandemic experience for Europe’s public health systems, and the socio-economic conditions in Europe in 2023.

    28/06: NextGenerationEU: Commission carries out €800 million of first payments to foster crisis repair and resilience – European Commission

    The Commission has disbursed €800 million in payments under NextGenerationEU, the temporary instrument to finance Europe's recovery and foster a greener, more digital and resilient economy after the pandemic.

    EU Digital COVID Certificate

    08/07: EU Digital COVID Certificate: Commission adopts equivalence decision for Swiss certificates – European Commission

    01/07: EU Digital COVID Certificate enters into application in the EU – European Commission

    The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation enters into application. This means that EU citizens and residents will now be able to have their Digital COVID Certificates issued and verified across the EU.

    Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act

    29/06: Intermediary services should “earn their liability exemptions” - UNIC

    In order for the Digital Services Act (DSA) to achieve a safe and more trustworthy online environment, companies that do not comply with the DSA’s due diligence obligations should not be entitled to the DSA’s liability exemptions.

    Media and AV Action Plan

    29/06: Media Action Plan: The power of local – The Parliament Magazine

    A strong and independent local media is essential to the democratic process, but this is in danger of withering away. The EU must ensure it gets the support it needs, argues Jan Trei.

    Territorial exclusivity

    06/07: Strong message from MEPs on importance of territorial exclusivity - UNIC

    UNIC welcomes MEP Verheyen's initiative to organise a statement where 54 MEPs - from various political groups - stressed the importance of territorial licensing for cultural diversity in the European audiovisual sector and call on their colleagues to not undermine territorial exclusivity in unrelated European Parliament reports.

    Cannes Film Festival

    06/07: Cannes Film Festival 2021: 17 EU-supported films compete for awards – European Commission

    The 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival will take place from Tuesday 6 to Saturday 17 July. Seventeen films supported by Creative Europe MEDIA have been selected in various sections of the Cannes Film Festival and its parallel competitions.

    Gender diversity

    09/07: Commission launches ‘CharactHer’, a campaign supporting diversity and inclusion in the film and media industries – European Commission

    The European Commission has launched an awareness campaign aiming at fostering gender diversity and inclusion in the film and news media industries.

    Slovenian Presidency of the EU

    06/07: The Slovenian Presidency of the EU presents its policy priorities in CULT committee – CULT Committee

    Slovenian ministers Ms Simona Kustec, Minister for education, youth and sport and Mr Vasko Simoniti, Minister for culture, came to the CULT Committee for a presentation and an exchange of views over the policy priorities of the incoming Presidency.


    4 – 7 October: CineEurope 2021

    4 - 5 October: Slovenian Presidency conference

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