CineLink Co-Production Market 2023 Announces Selected Projects

    CineLink Co-Production Market 2023 Announces Selected Projects credit: CineLink

    SARAJEVO: Eleven projects including new titles by Dušan Kasalica and Marius Olteanu have been selected for the CineLink Co-Production Market, which will be held 14 – 18 August 2023.

    In June, the projects will attend the CineLink Workshop, in August the official CineLink Co-Production Market, and in September 2023 they will be subject to follow up online meetings.

    CineLink Co-Production Market Selected Projects:

    After Dark (France, Albania, Italy)
    Directed by Erenik Beqiri

    Antonivka (Ukraine)
    Directed by Kateryna Gornostai

    Cold (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ana Kitanova
    Produced by RFF International

    It Will Hurt a Bit (Turkey)
    Directed by Zeynep Dilan Süren

    A Long Embrace (Greece, Denmark, France)
    Directed by Gabriel Tzafka

    Mom’s Alive Today (Croatia, Serbia)
    Directed by Josip Lukić
    Produced by Dinaridi Film
    Coproduced by Non-Aligned Films

    My Mother, the Monster (Hungary, France)
    Directed by Olivér Rudolf
    Produced by KINO ALFA Kft.
    Coproduced by Vrai Vrai Films

    Nothing Will Be Named after Me (Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia)
    Directed by Đorđe Vojvodić
    Produced by Bitter Frames Production
    Coproduced by Biberche, PERFO

    Primavera (Montenegro)
    Directed by Dušan Kasalica
    Produced by Meander Film

    Vagabondess (working title) (Austria)
    Directed by Brigitta Kanyaro

    We Won’t Get Old Together (Romania)
    Directed by Marius Olteanu
    Produced by Libra Film

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