PRODUCTION: Faith, Love and Whiskey in Postproduction

By FNE Staff

    SOFIA: Bulgarian-born director/writer Kristina Nikolova is in postproduction with her first full-length feature film, Faith, Love and Whiskey with an completion date of January 2012.

    Nikolova, who has an extensive list of cinematography credits, comes from a family of cinematographers and studied at the NYU Tisch Film programme.

    At the center of the film is a bright young woman engaged to married to an affluent American, She panics, returns home to Bulgaria, and re-bonds with her old friends, returning to her past wild lifestyle. She falls in love with her best friend, an alcoholic, and must choose between him and her fiancé when he turns up unexpectedly.

    The film is produced by Georgi Nikolov for Magic Shop Ltd. and Mollye Asher. Alexander Stanishev is the DoP. The cast includes Ana Stojanov, Valeri Yordanov and Yavor Baharov.

    Production Contact:

    Magic Shop Ltd

    Bukston 70

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Tel: +359 887 897 387

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Cast and crew:

    Producers: Mollye Asher, Georgi Nikolov

    DoP: Alexander Stanishev

    Editor: Sara Corrigan

    Production Design: Sabina Hristov

    Cast: Yavor Baharov, Valeri Yordanov, Ana Stojanovska, Lidia Indiova, John Keabler