Bulgaria and Turkey Build Coproduction Ties

By FNE Staff

    SOFIA: A Turkish-Bulgarian soap opera is leading the way toward closer cooperation between the Turkish and Bulgarian film and TV industries.

    Turkish film and TV director Saman Sinav bought the TV rights to Bulgarian novelist Ludmila Filpova's first novel Anatomy of Illusions, a love story between a Turkish man and a Bulgarian woman.

    Turkish production company Sinegraf Film Productions (www.sinegraf.com) is expected to produce with a Bulgarian coproducer, with some of the filming to take place in Bulgaria.

    The Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is expected to sign a cooperation agreement with Turkey when he makes a scheduled visit to Ankara on 19-20 March, which would cover regulations for coproductions between the two countries. Within the film and TV industry, the move is seen as laying the groundwork for a "Balkan Hollywood."

    Turkish soap operas have grown in popularity throughout Central and Eastern Europe in recent years.