New Caretaker Minister of Culture Appointed in Bulgaria


    SOFIA: Nayden Todorov, the famous conductor and director of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, is the new Caretaker Minister of Culture in Bulgaria. Taking over from Prof. Velislav Minekov, he is the only replaced minister in PM Galab Donev’s second interim caretaker Cabinet, bound to rule the country until the next parliamentary elections on 2 April 2023.

    “I don't know if I will be able to meet all the expectations, but I know that I will give my best. Still, it is good to clarify: this is a temporary position, first of all I am a musician”, Nayden Todorov stated in the social media.

    Nayden Todorov, credit: Bulgarian Ministry of CultureTodorov made his debut as a conductor with the Plovdiv Youth Orchestra in 1990. In 1996, the Leonard Bernstein Foundation invited him for a specialisation in Israel. In 1998, he became the permanent conductor of the North Israel Symphony Orchestra in Haifa. The same year he became the Artistic Advisor of the Los Angeles International Chamber Music Festival.

    Since 2017, Todorov has been running the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. In the last few years, he has managed to arrange guest appearances of the orchestra on some of the most prestigious European stages like Bozar Hall in Brussels, Musikverein Wien and the Grand Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic.

    The fifth interim Cabinet of Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev was formed after the political parties in the country's 48th Parliament failed to agree on the election of a regular government.