PRODUCTION: Bulgarian Director/Producer Dimitar Kotzev Preps Feature Film For You


    SOFIA: Bulgarian director/producer Dimitar Kotzev is in preproduction with his fourth feature film For You, whose shooting will start on 7 May 2024. The Bulgarian National Film Center is supporting the project.

    For You is an adaptation of a play under the same title by contemporary Bulgarian playwright Yana Borisova, who is also a co-writer of the script.

    The film combines drama and comedy as the plot entangles the relationship between two brothers at a crucial moment in their lives. Victor (50) and Emil (40) are scared by a past misfortune, have been lost in the complexity of life and have avoided talking about the essential things in their lives for years, but are now willing to accept their differences and leave behind a painful love triangle.

    The cast includes popular actors Youlian Vergov, Yavor Bacharov and Vessela Babinova.

    “In the films of Forman, Chytilová and Menzel, I found a mixture of harshness and tenderness, of love and drama. I always try to convey to the audience such a mixture of feelings and impressions. I would pay special attention to the carefully constructed atmosphere between the characters. The camera’s approach to the actors will be delicate and careful, the way you approach an animal you don't want to scare. Because our heroes are frightened animals who try in every possible way to conceal their weaknesses, to survive emotionally in a world in which they often become their own biggest enemies. For You is a love letter to everyone and to no one at the same time; a love letter for you”, Dimitar Kotzev told FNE.

    Kotzev is producing through Bulgaria’s Kontraplan in coproduction with Angel Ivanov through Bulgaria’s Handplayed. The National Film Center supported the production with a grant of 238,500 EUR.

    The shooting period will start on 7 May 2024 on locations in Sofia and Varna, and it will continue for 22 days. The DoP is Alexander Stanishev, known for the Bulgarian/Finnish documentary The Magic Life of V (2019) by Tonislav Hristov, and also for the American indie film Touched by Fire (2015) directed by Paul Dalio with Spike Lee as executive producer.

    Stanishev also worked with Dimitar Kotzev on his previous film The Answer of All Questions (2024, produced by Kontraplan), whose premiere is expected in 2024.

    The postproduction of For You will be completed in the winter of 2025. Kontraplan is actively searching for coproducers and is ready to start communicating with sales agents.

    Production Information:

    Director Dimitar Kotzev, credit: Alexander StanishevProducer:
    Kontraplan (Bulgaria)
    Dimitar Kotzev: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Handplayed (Bulgaria)

    Director: Dimitar Kotzev
    Scriptwriter: Dimitar Kotzev, Yana Borisova
    DoP: Alexander Stanishev
    Editor: Zornitsa Kotzeva
    Cast: Yulian Vergov, Yavor Bacharov, Vessela Babinova