Darik Radio launches Bulgarian TV Channel

By Pavlina Jeleva
    Bulgaria's Council for Electronic Media (www.cem.bg) has issued a license to the leading radio station, Darik (http://darikradio.bg) to establish a TV channel under the name Darik Radio and TV.

    The decision is seen as a national precedent, the first time a radio station is movint into satellite and cable broadcast.

    Preparations will last until the end of the year, when the first TV versions of popular radio programs will begin broadcast. The radio's news department began scheduling its journalists on guest TV appearances last year, earning them strong credibility.

    According to Darik manager Konstantin Valkov, the radio station will continue operations. He stated, "The combined channel package of radio and TV, plus the several IT sites, will look much more attractive to advertisers."

    Nearly 230 people work at the 17 Darik stations in Bulgaria. Despite the expansion into TV broadcast, there are no plans to increase those figures.