PRODUCTION: Hunting Down Small Predators in postproduction

By Pavlina Jeleva

    Hunting Down Small Predators, the first feature film by director/actor Tzvetodar Markov, is in he final stages of postproduction.

    the film was shot with an HD camera on the streets of Sofia in summer 2009. "We still have some additional work on the special effects, the sound and the preparation of the credits," Markov said.

    The 376,000 Euros budget received support in the debut competition category of the National Film Centre (/www.nfc.bg/). The leading producer is Markov's own company Andy Film in association with Camera (www.camera.bg/) as co-producer.

    "For two thirds of the crew it was their first work in cinema. The average age was 27," said scriptwriter Hristian Nochev, known also as director (Granitza, 1994, Christmas is Possible, 2000).

    The story in which young Mihail tries to solve his communication troubles with the help of a psychiatrist, blends his personal dream for a young woman with the raw existence of four Sofia teenagers. "It will be a film in which love and despair, hope and disillusionment, revenge and revelation will mix in the underground world of modern teenagers and powerful criminals," the producer notes.

    The brutal tone of the story will embrace a clear lyrical tone when, after Mihail's sudden death, the teenagers finally realize that love is more valuable than violence.

    The main star is internationally famous Hristo Shopov who has frequetly performed in huge productions (The Passion of the Christ, Spartacus, 2004, Pontius Pilate, 2006, Barbarossa, 2009).

    The distributor will probably be APlus. "We are still in negotiations, but if they take the film, they will distribute it in over 40 DCDM equipped screening halls in Bulgaria," Markov said.

    {mosimage}Production credits

    Scriptwriter - Hristian Nochev

    Director - Tsvetodar Markov

    Director of Photography - Anton Bakarski

    Music - Ostava rock group

    Editing - Nina Altaparmakova


    Marian Vulev - Sinatra

    Hristo Shopov - Chakara

    Stefan Mavrodiev - Kondov

    Vladimir Georgiev - Limkata

    Silvia Petkova - Hanny

    Yana Titova - Betty

    Liudmila Slaneva - Silvia

    and students from the National Theatre and Film Academy

    Production company

    Andy Film

    136, Tzar Simeon Str.

    Sofia - 1303


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