PRODUCTION: Sofianites Too Much in Production

By FNE Staff

    Production is underway on the new Bulgarian TV series Sofianites Too Much which is set to air in March 2011. The series, about two neighboring families, is is produced by commercial channel bTV and Dream Team Productions.

    The new series follows the success of Bulgarian series The Glass House which was sold to Turkish TV.

    Novinte reports that the production team includes producer Evtim Miloshev, creative producer Ivan Spasov, screenwriters Emil Markov, directors Viktor Bozhinov and Aleksandar Kosev, directors of photography Nenad Boroevich and Anton Ognyanov, and actors Stoyanka Mutafova, Lyubo Neykov, Hristo Garbov, Silviya Lulcheva, Krastyo Lafazanov and Violeta Markovska.

    In a statement Vicky Politova, CEO of bTV Media Group, said, "I believe that the new extremely ambitious project "Stolichani v poveche" will strengthen the trust of the audience in the quality of Bulgarian productions, the talent of Bulgarian actors, and the skills of Bulgarian producers to tell purely Bulgarian stories, without falling behind the world cinema quality."